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Mbeku Odu Ndep, aka Groovie Selecta was born on the 22/12/1982 of a Cameroonian dad and Nigerian mum.

This songwriter, producer, vocalist and performing artist delved into his musical journey in the early 2000’s in Buea, Cameroon. A few years later he moved to Lagos Nigeria, where his musical genius was unleashed.

He signed a deal with Chrome Entertainment with a scintillating debut single titled “Hit The Dance Floor”.

He later on released “Carry Go” with an outcome which seemed distant from the massive skill and charisma of the artist.

The multi versatile craftsman(Groovie) translated his potential into the service of other budding artists in Cameroon and Nigeria as a songwriter and producer. Having experienced the full dose of his Nigerian endeavour, he returned to Cameroon to integrate a budding industry in the Central West African region.

In 2019 he released some lay back sentimental vibe with the single titled “Love”

Watch out for his upcoming EP with his explosive “So d Tingo” in the EP “Against All Odds.

In a remarkable indomitable spirit, the new EP resonates with his skill, character and consciousness.

A rare mix of message and music. It is a musical therapy which underscores the power of melody, rhythm and relevance in giving voice to structurally disempowered youths and a host of other socio political issues in urban culture.

Groovie is the bridge between the old and the new as he vibes with a genre with irresistible global appeal.
His debut song “So D Tingo” has received positive reviews.
He might just be the next big thing about to happen from the African Music Dynasty.


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