Frequently Asked Questions

First you’ll need to set up an account; it’s free to sign up.

Your Profile Photo should reflective your artistry and be eye-catching, please no selfies.

Your Biography should include information about yourself and your creative journey.
Fans and music buyers will feel more in touch with your art the more they know about you.

Songs and instrumentals must be must be either a WAV File or Mp3

Instrumentals (Riddims) can be sold with their stems, but this is optional.

“With the commission percentage being so low, the music creators really are at the heart of this website, which is refreshing to see;

Upload music for FREE and keep 85% of sale price (minus PayPal fees)

Income can be withdrawn at anytime by PayPal or bank transfer

The minimum withdraw limit is £5
For bank transfers fees may be incurred

The music creator retain full ownership, copyright and control of their music

When a buyer purchases an instrumental reggae riddim with the audio stems, they receive the stereo version of the instrumental (on mp3 or wav file) and each instrument on a separate audio file.

For singers and deejays who want to voice an instrumental, it is quicker, easier and cheaper to buy a reggae instrumental riddim with its audio stems than it is to hire a recording studio and session musicians.

With the separate audio stems each instrument can be uploaded separately unto the computer in the recording studio.

Stems allows for greater control over the recording of the vocals and final mix.

The sale price of a riddim (with the audio stems) depends on the popularity of the riddim and/or its producer, but the industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems is generally between £100 and £500 per riddim.

A cover version is a new recording of a previously recorded song or instrumental by someone other than the original musicians and/or artist.

The publishing and copyrights of cover versions remains with the copyright owners.

Artists and producers who want to upload a cover version should ensure they have acquired a performance and mechanical license.

Mp3 is the standard format that most digital downloads are sold.

Wav files have better sound quality and are generally used for professional projects.

Instrumentals with their stems are the stereo mix of the instrumental (on mp3 or wav) and with each of the instruments provided on a separate audio file.

Stems allows for greater control over the music and the final mix (down) to stereo.
The industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems on a non-exclusive license is generally priced £100 and £500 per riddim.

Buying music on the Reggae Music Shop works the same as anywhere else online, but each track has been uploaded and is sold by the music creator or their representives.

Found the perfect song or riddim, but not ready to commit to creating an account. No worries, you can check out as a guest.

Muisc can be purchased and downloaded without an account.

We takes a strong stand on protecting intellectual property and copyrights and we will immediately revoke the account of anyone violating another person’s intellectual property.

We regularly carry out random inspections of uploaded content to ensure any violations are removed.

Reggae Music Ltd is not responsibility for any copyrighted content uploaded and we have no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples or if copyrighted content has been uploaded and cannot be held liable for any unauthorized samples or falsely presented uploaded content.

Sellers as part of the Terms and Conditions confirm they are legally responsible for any copyrighted content uploaded.

Before you permanently delete your account, check that:

  • All purchased music has been downloaded
  • You have saved any information you need for your records

To permanently close and delete your account, email Reggae Musc Shop, via our contact page and we delete all information within 24 hours.

This deletion is permanent and your account can’t be reinstated.

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