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Sell Your Songs, Albums and Riddims (with their stems)

Why Sell Your Music With Us

Reggae Music Shop is one of the premier online sources for reggae music and espcially reggae riddims with their stems.

By bringing together a community of independent music creators, the Reggae Music Shop can showcase their incredible talent and creativity and provide reggae music buyers with a go-to destination for original songs, exclusive riddims and authentic reggae.


Add your bio and music and instantly connect with music buyers


Upload all your songs, riddims, albums for FREE


Sellers set and keep 90% of the sale price of the music


Requires minimal setup, leaving sellers time to focus on their music

Reggae Riddims (with the audio stems)

Reggae Music Shop is the perfect platform to buy reggae instrumental riddims with each instrument on a separate audio file.

When a buyer purchases an instrumental reggae riddim with the audio stems, they receive the stereo version of the instrumental (on mps or wav file) and each instrument on a separate audio file.

For singers and deejays who want to voice an instrumental, it is quicker, easier and cheaper to buy a reggae instrumental riddim with its audio stems than it is to hire a recording studio and session musicians.

With the separate audio stems each instrument can be uploaded separately unto the computer in the recording studio.

Stems allows for greater control over the recording of the vocals and final mix.

Each instrument can be given its own exact treatment of effects, equalization, reverb and echo, meaning every music buyer can create their own unique mix of the riddim.

The sale price of a riddim (with the audio stems) depends on the popularity of the riddim and/or its producer, but the industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems is generally between £100 and £500 per riddim.


Premier Source for Reggae Riddims

Reggae Music Shop is a music marketplace where music lovers can buy reggae music and where artists, producers and labels can upload, promote and sell reggae songs, riddims, albums and merchandise.

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