Babylon (1980)

Babylon, directed by Franco Rosso is a 1980 classic filmed on the streets of Deptford and Brixton, London.

Babylon follows the young reggae DJ Blu of the Ital Lion sound system as he pursues his musical ambitions while also battling fiercely against the racism of employers, neighbours, police and the National Front.

The Ital Lion sound system collective fronted by Dreadhead with guys like the hothead Beefy, the trusted lieutenant Errol and the soldering iron wizard Scientist all supporting the singing mechanic Blu as they pursue their victory in the dub sound system clash.

There’s a scene in Babylon, where the Ital Lion sound system collective are gather together.

Dreadhead has just procured a new dub from a shady record-store owner in Brixton, who claims the track “is straight from the JA (Jamaica) to the UK.”

The “harder than steel” dub is their secret weapon when the Ital Lion goes up against one of their biggest rivals, the real-life pioneer of the scene Jah Shaka.

Blu drops the needle on the record and Aswad’s “Warrior Charge,” comes blasting out of the speakers with big horns and the thumping bass.

The entire group starts nodding their head, spliffs are lit and suddenly everyone begins to spontaneously dance.

Babylon (1980)

Director: Franco Rosso
Script: Franco Rosso and Martin Stellman

Brinsley Forde
David N. Haynes
Trevor Laird
Beverly Michaels
Victor Romero Evans
Archie Pool
Cynthia Powell
Karl Howman


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